Frequently Asked Questions

+ How do I submit my images?

Image submission form is HERE.


+When is the last day to submit images?

Sunday,May 12th at 11:59 pm Pacific

We encourage you to submit early and don’t wait until the last minute just in case of any technically difficulties. Late submissions will not be accepted.

+ What images can I submit to this competition?

Any COLOR or BLACK AND WHITE  images taken by you of high school students in the graduating classes of 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021


+ Should I submit images if I have never had images featured on the Instagram page?

Enter away! Being featured on our Instagram is NOT a prerequisite for being featured in our magazine.


+ What will the cost be to purchase a magazine?
Yes, the print issue will be expensive.  We have had our concerns and discussions about how to approach this matter.  If we make the images smaller and put more than one image on a page, that approach loses some of the AWARD WINNING IMPACT  After all, the winning images will be the MODERN SENIOR MAGAZINE Top100 photographs in the country for 2019. Do we really want to take away the impact of full page spreads for horizontal images and do only 1/4 page sizes for portrait orientation images? I think not!


Mag cloud, prices by the page; so more pages = a higher price. 

From all of our market research and cost analysis we will stand to make somewhere between 4-5$ per issue sold. Considering all the labor hours it takes to set up the competition, the rules and guidelines, webpages, form of payment, organizing the images for judging, judging images, and we have not even begun to organize the chosen images, along with the proper text to identify each entrant, it's not much.

Print magazine costs for a self published magazine such as this can definitely be more costly as there are no outside advertising within the magazine to help offset the cost of printing.

Having competed in such competitions, let me offer my take on the subject. A great way to look at funds spent on entering an image competition where your senior(s) will potentially be featured in a national print magazine, as well as purchasing the magazine for your own marketing display. These would be classified as marketing dollars. 

Historically I have spent between 80-150 to enter each competition plus the 50-80 for the cost of the actual magazine. From a marketing standpoint of sharing at no cost on all social media outlets, Website and In person display at our studio. Students and Parents love being able to flip through and see themselves on the pages. They take pictures with the magazine, they share it all over social media  and they love having that bragging right.


+ When will the print magazine be ready for publication and ordering?

For our premier print magazine edition, I clocked in well over 90 hours of work in selecting images, contacting photographers about issues with their submissions and in creating the final magazine. Our goal is to get the magazine out as quickly as possible. My hope is that the spring editions will come out something during the first two weeks in May.

+ Will the digital PDF version be for sale as well?

If you would like to purchase a PDF of the magazine, you will be able to do so. on the one year anniversary of the release of the print magazine.

+ What types of images are you looking for?

For both our Instagram account and our print magazines, we are always looking for a variety of images – we want both images done in natural lighting, OCF, images in the studio and images on location.We also accept composites as well. We want to showcase images that are well lit, well posed and that stand out as being among the best.


+ Why do you need a model release for each student?

We need a model release on each person who appears in any images submitted to us for consideration for the print magazine. We need permission from the parents to publish the images of their teens in a national print publication. We have no way of knowing how old the model was when the image was taken, therefore, we ask for the parents to sign the release as well. We have provided a standard model release to you on our website. It has everything we need for your submissions. It is also VERY IMPORTANT that the model release have the model’s name PRINTED LEGIBLY so that we can read it. It is much easier for us to have one standard release from everyone. Last time when we did our first magazine, we literally had hundreds and hundreds of totally different model releases that we submitted by photographers. Some of the model releases were up to 10 pages long. It makes the entire process so much easier for us if everyone uses the same, standard model release with all of the information that we need.

Having a signed model release in place for images that are printed in a national/international publication is protection for you and for me.


+ What if I don’t have a model release for every client?

In the current times of technology, you may simply email or text the release to them. They can sign it, take a picture of it with their cell phone, and text it right back to you for you to include it in your submission drop box as an image file.


+ Can I submit images from a paid conference, workshop or shootout?

No, those images are not set up or styled by the image creator (or staff) and therefore are not eligible.


+ I have heard people say that being published helps their business. How does it help?

It’s always exciting to have your work published. Many photographers showcase the PRINT magazine in their studios, carry it in their cars and use it as marketing to show potential clients. Many clients love choosing a photographer whose work has been published and are excited to think that they may have images of themselves chosen for publication. When you are published in our magazine, we provide you with a badge that you can post on your website, and all across your social media.


+ What is the Quality of the PRINT Magazine like?

The printed magazines from MAG Cloud would be considered high end and of the highest quality. The cover has a satin UV coating. It's a fine quality product  that you will be proud to display for your clients.


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