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Social.            Photography.         Education.

Your business matters

 as much as your DREAMs!

This crazy multi-tasking
passion filled kind of existence?
We get it!

It’s our everyday.

We want to help you get organized with actionable systems and rockin' social media and marketing that works!

Oh and... While we are here, come in a little closer... let me tell you this. You know there is no such thing as balance, right? Balance is an illusion. Life and business is really more of a juggling act (complete with monkeys and a tightrope <--- that is YOU on that tightrope)  So don't worry too much about that whole balance things! It’s all something that we are quite familiar with.

We are day-dream dreamers | portrait artists | photographers |  weight loss | fitness coaches | moms | wives | Ya-Ya | serial side hustlers | marketing strategists |  chefs |  mentors | educators | teachers | creatives | painters | wardrobe stylists | strobists  |graphic designers  | image editors | set designers |  the list goes on and on. There are so many side gigs to this hustle, there isn't enough world wide web to write it all out!

In other words, among other things we have been juggling | running a successful multi-six figure senior portrait studio for the last nineteen years.

But we didn’t share all of that with you to make you feel like an underachiever.

Quite the opposite, actually.

You CAN (and should) have it ALL!
IMAGINE what you CAN DO...


  • IF you are charging what you are worth, believing it and booking out your calendar...

  • IF you are working SMARTER and not HARDER... and confidently shouting so everyone in the building can here you,  "I CAN do this!" (complete with happy dancing like no one is watching, because no one is, because, let's face it... you are probably alone in your office at home in your jammies drinkin' copious amounts of coffee)

  • IF you create a master-plan and workflow that enables you to get behind your camera faster and more often to create your ART  (because you never imagined that being an entrepreneur was this frustrating

  • IF you stop shooting EVERYTHING and start specializing in the genre you REALLY LOVE!

  • IF you have enough confidence to make BOLD business decisions and stop overthinking!

  • IF  Y- O- U build a maintainable and successful brand that you can be proud of!

There is NO limit to what you can achieve and how many ideas you can try! Your business practices  should be as awesome as your photography is and it should make you feel proud to say "I am a business owner, I AM A PHOTOGRAPHER"!

Your quirks and irregularities are who you are and should be celebrated. Come along with us and let's enjoy this ride together! Let us HELP you build your EMPIRE!

JOIN us on our senior photographer focused Facebook page, HIRE us to mentor you, READ loads of information (coming soon) onto our blog, GET FEATURED on our Instagram feature page, and COME to our Imagine Conference and MEET your new best friend and CEO support network!

We want to HELP!
  How can we help YOU?

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Modern Senior is an internationally recognized Instagram feature account, blog and print magazine committed to the education and feature of talented senior portrait artists.  Since its beginnings in early 2014 @MODERNsenior has nationally showcased the best senior photographers in the country.

We announced the first of our top of the line educational opportunities with the addition of IMAGINE,  a boutique conference in the heart of the Midwest just south of Indianapolis, Indiana.


Our goal is to offer educational opportunities to senior portrait photographers to help them to grow as successful business owners and masters of their craft as photographers and artists.  The MODERN Senior Imagine Conference includes top industry leaders as educators and mentors in small group settings. We have business, marketing and lighting classes as well as a multitude of shooting and portfolio building opportunities.

It is our passion to cultivate passion, create value, purpose and success of today's
MODERN Senior Photographer.

and what's in the @marciandchristy gear bag!
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The mission of MODERNsenior Magazine is to cultivate creativity and fuel the talent within our photography industry to help establish a community of successful entrepreneurs. It is our hope to rejuvenate the spirit and restore passion; and create enduring value and purpose in the success of today's MODERN Senior Photographer.


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